Marc Jacobs Beauty Haul and Review

About two weeks ago, the Marc Jacobs Beauty line launched at Sephora. I’d taken a half day, was about to leave on vacation, and decided to pop in and take a look.

While I was really impressed with the eyeshadows, and went back and forth about picking up a palette, I eventually decided that they weren’t different enough for me to justify the price. I did however pick up a few other things from the line. I’ve been testing them out over the past couple of weeks so I thought I’d let you know what I think.

photo (8)

I picked up the Lash Lifter – Gel Volume Mascara, the Brow Tamer Grooming Gel, and a Lust For Lacquer Lip Vinyl – Sheer.

The mascara is fine. It’s not as dramatic as I usually like, but it doesn’t clump and it doesn’t smudge. It reminds me of the tubing mascaras that kind of wrap your lashes and create mini tubes around each lash. I found it to be buildable, but you really have to work to get a dramatic look. For natural looking lashes or when you’re going to be in a high smudge risk situation though, I’d definitely reach for this one.

The brow gel I really like, but I think it’s less about the formula and more about the applicator. It’s genius. Brow gels usually come with a spoolie applicator, like a mascara. But this one has a sort of fuzzy caterpillar brush. I love it. I actually feel like it applies product evenly to my brows. The formula itself works well enough, definitely a soft hold which is nice and my brows stay in place, but I don’t have to much of a problem with that anyway. What I mostly look for in a brow gel is that it prevents whatever I’ve filled my brows in with from migrating around my face, and this does that just fine.

Finally, the lipgloss. I’m more of an opaque, full on, lipstick kind of girl, but throwing on a gloss is a lot easier and a lot more casual for everyday. This stuff has sort of a fruity, minty, vanilla scent that’s hard to describe. It’s also pretty cooling slash tingling on your lips, but I wouldn’t call it plumping. It feels really nice to wear, but doesn’t last too long – it is a gloss afterall. The packaging on this is really nice and, for me, the applicator fits to the shape of my lips really well. I’d consider buying another sheer shade, but when it comes to sheer glosses, they all kind of look the same on me, and opaque glosses just get messy. Here’s a swatch on my hand in natural light:

photo (9)

And here’s one on my awkward face in bathroom lighting:

photo (10)

Have you tried out anything from the new line? I’m also really curious about the foundation and I’ve heard the undereye concealer is actually greatx!


21. August 2013 by alina
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  • Lisa

    i wanna try the brow gel! and your lips look like they are a very pretty color with the gloss on.